Videos Of Jobs You Can Do With Equines

Here are some really good videos of what it's like to work around horses.  The first one below I thought was pretty funny, it's of what happens in the daily life of a racing stable.  You'll see the feeding times, the grooming sessions, the exercising, riding, the turn outs... it's a good one!

It may take you some time to watch all the videos, but I have tried to cover a few different areas.  When considering an equine job, it helps to know what all is involved.  I think these videos give you a really good idea of what it's like to be in involved in a career with equines. :-)

"A Day In The Life..." How About This Equine Job?

Here's A Little More From The Same Stable - Starting On The Training!

Here's How A Good Trainer Handles A Fearful Equine.

When I worked with horses, I saw far too many horses who were fearful of people.  They had been mistreated, by owners, handlers, trainers, riders - you name it.  The sad part is, many people give up on these types of horses.  If you can find it in your heart to communicate with one of these fearful types (who can turn dangerous - I might add) - you'll be doing the horse a huge favor.  Too many horses who have been mishandled are sent off to horrible deaths - starting with a horse auction. 

Most horses at auction are problem horses, that someone else has found unsafe.  Most of their fates are to be sent off and killed somewhere instead of being properly worked with.  Yes, these guys get sold at auction for MEAT.  I've been to enough auctions, and there ARE some good auctions where you can get some really nice finds, but some of the smaller ones I've been to have been absolutely horrible.

Here is a video below - of the situations you WILL encounter when you position yourself into an equine career.

Not All Equine Jobs Are Created Equal - How About Those Lipizanners?

Boy, when I was a kid - I LOVED to go to the Lipizanner shows that would travel to our local area.  I could sit for hours and watch these wonderful horses.  My favorite part was when they would bring out the Black Lipizanner.  Black Lipizanners are very rare.  They are born black/bay, but most always turn gray or white as they get older.  Imagine placing yourself on a Lipizanner farm (few and far between) - to work with THESE horses!

Western Pleasure Horses - There Are Many Equine Jobs In Western Disciplines

The video is pretty long, but tells you what to look for when working with Western Pleasure horses.  If you find a job working with western pleasure horses, you'll be able to see what is involved.  As a rider you would have to know not only how the horse is supposed to move for western pleasure gaits, you'll need to know how to ride for shows.  If you are training horses for western pleasure, this video is a great start on what you'll need to know.

Western Reining - My Kind Of Equine Job!

Here's my favorite!  I've always loved the reining horses.  My double registered red roan quarter horse stallion is bred for this type of work, and loves cows.  Doc is what they call a "cow horse".  The first time I saw one of these reining horses do these fancy spins, I was hooked!  Check it out - much different from western pleasure.  The horses are built differently also.

Western Pleasure horses have more of a "thoroughbred" look to the body, whereas the reining or "cow horses" are stockier with more muscle.  I tend to favor the stocky ones that hold their head a bit higher than the Western Pleasure horses.  Doesn't this look like a whole lot more fun than loping around a ring with the horses head so low?

With Reining Goes "Cutting" - Equine Careers Galore!

Normally "cutting" horses cut cattle, but here's a good horse cutting buffalo instead.  Look at the moves, and the rear end on this guy!  That huge stocky butt is used by a cutting horse to set back on leaving the front end to move back an forth in a manner that allows them to "block" a cow (or a buffalo) from the rest of the herd.

Patches... Now This Equine Has No JOB - But...

How cool is this little white horse?  I'm wondering where the heck he's leaving the road apples at! LOL!

Barrel Racing - One Of Those DANGEROUS Equine Jobs!

Now barrel racing is pretty cool, but as with any equine job, it can be rather rough.  This video shows some of those horrid accidents that you MUST know go along with all those wonderful equine jobs.  As with any other job, you just have to take the good with the bad! ;-)

Wishing You The Best Of Luck On Your Equine Job Search!


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