Great Jobs Working With Equines!

There are many wonderful jobs available if you would like to work with equines.  What exactly IS an equine?  Well, that's a HORSE of course!  If you love horses,  but can't afford one at this time  - or maybe you don't live in an area where you can keep a horse... maybe you can work with them instead?  Equine jobs are especially nice for high school and college students.  They can build relationships with animals, and make a bit of their own money.

Parents, if you know a horse crazy teen-ager who absolutely hates working in the burger joints - or anywhere else for that matter - try suggesting a job working with equines.  You may be surprised at the change in their attitude about work.  Working with horses might be just the thing for a teenager who simply doesn't seem to like any other job on the planet!

Troubled teens and disabled children seem to thrive around horses.  Working with an equine calms and soothes troubled souls.  Horses teach wonderful things.  Patience.  Trust.  Non-verbal communication.  Equine therapy is effective on people with depression, anxiety, autism, dementia, and other emotional dysfunctions.  See our articles page for more info.  There is truly just nothing like a horse!

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Basic List Of Equine Jobs

So, just what kinds of jobs are available working with equines?  Listed below is just a sample list of jobs you can find working with horses.  You may be able to start grooming in a local stable with just a small amount of experience.  You can also become a stable hand without any previous experience, and work your way up to grooming, maybe take some riding lessons, and eventually get to ride some awesome horses!  Let's list out a few of the many possibilities:

Stable Hand -
stable hands are found mucking out stalls, doing various barn tasks, along with some grooming, feeding, watering and giving hay to the horses.

Grooms - grooms can be found grooming, bathing, and tacking up horses for their workouts.  There are many different types of grooms.  There are show grooms who travel to shows with the show horses.  There are grooms for race horses, dressage horses, show jumping, and even stud or stallion grooms.  Check our video page for a video on grooming 101!

Riders - riders are in all disciplines from western, reigning, barrel racing, track racing, dressage, show jumping, hunt seat, saddle seat, riding the range to round up cattle, trail riding you name it.  If you would like to be a rider who exercises the horses, then you might want to take lessons if you don't already know how to ride.

Drivers - drivers can be found driving trotters on a track, or even giving carriage rides in Cape May!

Farriers and Blacksmiths - farriers and blacksmiths can be in high demand in certain areas.  These are the special people who take care of the horses feet.  "no foot... no horse" is very true, because a lame horse is NOT a happy horse.  Farriers do most of the trimming of the hooves, where as blacksmiths add shoes.  Good thing about this job is you can pretty much make up your own hours and work from your own home.

Trainers - horse trainers are the people that teach horses basic manners, ground rules, about how to wear and "put up" with tack and riders.  Trainers can also teach owners how to train their own horses.  Check out our video page for some cool training videos!

Riding Instructors - if you know how to ride well, know how to show horses, and have some great experience, chances are you qualify to be a riding instructor.  You'll basically be the person who teaches "newbies" how to ride and handle horses.

Veterinarian - Large animal vets are also very important - and you'll have attend college to get a proper education to be a horse vet.  Vets are responsible for everything from foaling to colic, administering medications, taking care of wounds, diseases, and even filing down rough teeth - called "floating".  You would have to be on call to travel, because horses are difficult to take the vet obviously!

There are some basic jobs you can get working with equines, so don't be shy if you would like to be around horses.  Just check into your local phone book and look for "stables" or "riding facilities" and the like, call them up and ask if they have any job openings.  Or, just keep your eyes peeled in the local classified section of your newspaper!

Wishing you the best of luck on your equine job search!

How To Locate Equine Jobs And Employment Opportunities

Equine jobs seem to fit only those who love, breathe and think about horses most of the day. It is uncommon for people who “don’t care much for horses” to spend the whole day in the company of these wonderful animals. There are many avenues of equine employment as horses not only need vets, jockeys, grooms and riders, they also need farm and stable managers and people to look after their foals.

If you are interested in equine employment, depending on the job, you may need an education in equine science. If you are looking for hands on job, you don’t need much of an education. All you need is experience in handling horses and a love for equines. However if you are looking to become a vet, a lawyer or a researcher in equine science, you will have to pursue an educational degree in an established educational institution.

Experience with horses often helps in finding equine employment:

Many equine jobs require extensive practical “hands on” training along with your education. It is an added bonus to your resume if you have a few years experience working around and handling horses. You can consider taking up volunteer jobs at the local barn or mucking stalls so that you gain additional experience before applying for a grooming job for example. OR- start as a stable hand, and work your way up within the same stable.

The internet is today one of the best sources of information on equine employment. You can use search engines to look up equine jobs in your locality, or surrounding areas. In addition to various job listing websites such as “”, you should consider looking for equine employment in general equine sites. is a new site specifically created to connect equine employers with equine job seekers, which will have equine job listings soon.

You will find lots of prospective employers through general equine sites.  Although they may not actually advertise job openings, you can find many listings for horse related jobs which you can use as leads while seeking equine employment.

Mingling with people at a race track can bring you equine jobs:

Besides using the internet, you will find that equine employment is best availed through networking and word of mouth. This means that if you have relatives or friends working equine jobs, you may be able to join their establishment on their recommendations and your resume.

You can also try attending horse shows where you can talk to people about equine jobs. It is best to visit places like race tracks in the morning, when the horses are exercised. If you are in the right place at the right time, you may find someone who needs help in their barn or stable.

Make it a point to periodically check the bulletin boards in the local feed store and tack shop; there may be some adverts of people looking for help with their horses. Read equine newsletters and magazines as you may find equine employment openings here, including ads for equine jobs in barns, farms and riding schools.  

Selling equine related products as a form of equine employment:

Besides all of the above, there are also peripheral businesses that are related to horses.  Some of these do not include actual hands on work with equines. For example horse racing websites that require designers and writers to provide content for the website.  There are also small businesses and organizations that sell or distribute products and services related to the equine industry.  Think tack shops, grooming supplies, feed stores and more.

With so many avenues for equine employment, you are sure to find something that fits you perfectly. Just ensure that you are flexible in your employment options and be ready to work at any equine job you get. Once you enter the sphere of equine employment, you will find many more openings and additional avenues for you to pursue. Best of luck finding the equine job of your dreams!

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